How Tilly Became Kitt-Katt

If you know me, then you more than likely know I own 3 cats, one of which I have had for six years now. I got him sometime in September 2013 and I’ve honestly never been so connected to an animal before.

I hadn’t gone out and bought Kitt nor had I gone to the rescue shelter to get him either. I had actually stumbled upon him free, off one of my sister’s friends parents. It had all happened by chance. A ‘Meant to be’ moment.

My mum had come home from picking the kids up from school and I overheard her and my sister talking about something that sparked my interest and so I started to listen in a little more to their conversation. What I was hearing was that one of my sister’s friends mum had asked her to ask our mum if she wanted her kitten. She had had a young boy running around the house at the time and he kept putting him in the washing machine and playing far too rough with the kitten and was looking to re-home her.

My mum was originally saying no to it when I ask if I could have it instead. (Now I should also mention that before this kitten I had originally already had a female kitten that I had to give up in order for my little sister to keep her kitten at the time. We had just gotten two kittens and then moved house a month or two after getting them and was told we were only allowed one pet). So with that in mind, I did play on that factor a little as well as pointing out that I was good to pay for it and had shown from my other kitten how willing I was to look after one. After a night of talking about it, my mum agreed to talk to the woman the following day about the kitten.

A week later my mum walked through the door with a little kitten bundled up in a paw printed blanket in her arms. She told me she was five months old and her name was Tilly. I didn’t want to confuse her any more than she probably already was and so although I didn’t like the name I made the decision to keep her name as Tilly so she at least had something familiar. As soon as my eyes laid eyes on her I knew she was meant to be my cat. She had such pretty, wide and fearful eyes it just made me want to wrap her up and never let the poor thing go.

For a week she pretty much stayed in the “spare” room under the table chairs in a corner. She’d let me pet her, give her a fuss, groom her, feed her but she wouldn’t let anyone else get close to her. For a little while, she was so skittish, she would attack people when scared, which at that point was pretty much all the time. And she was a little too skinny to be healthy, my guess was that she was just too scared/anxious/stressed to really eat anything at the time and only nibbled to just get by. But she had no problem eating food once I placed it under the table with her, for a few weeks I would feed her an extra pouch a day in the hopes of getting her to a healthier weight.

We slowly introduced her to my sister’s cat, Sox, who must have been one of the most chilled out cats I have ever come across even to this day and I have met A LOT of cats. But for some reason, the two never got along. We thought our biggest problem would be getting them to stop “mating” until we got Tilly spayed. But that was never once an issue, instead, we were constantly telling them off for fighting with one another.

Sox and Kitt-Katt (Not Coexisting)

Around 5-6 months go by and I’m in my room getting ready to see my boyfriend when I turned around to see Tilly cleaning her private area…except I noticed something pink and instantly thought something was wrong with her and so I got a closer look only to get one heck of a shock! It was a little winky!

I instantly ran downstairs to tell my mum, at first she didn’t believe a word I said but came up to see anyway because she figures I wouldn’t react over nothing, as soon as she checked her…him? She turned to me and said, “I think you’re right.”

The problem was he was so small and had such long fur, we couldn’t really tell and so we picked up my sister’s cat placed them side by side looking at their behinds to see if they both had balls and they did, my Tilly wasn’t a she but a he! I felt so bad and so shocked but the first things out of my mouth were, “I’m changing his name!”

I couldn’t come up with a name right away and was bouncing between a few when one night I was sat talking to my mum while she was eating a kit-Kat bar and she made a joke about my love for chocolate and said that I loved chocolate so much I should just name him Kit-kat.

Something there and then just clicked in my head. It sounded right and I really, really liked the sound of Kit and so I decided to give him a double-barrelled name, Kitt-Katt. It took him less than a week to respond to his new name and honestly I feel like he response more to Kitt than he ever did to Tilly.

Six years later he still responds to his new name, he’s become a dad to 3 kittens and He learnt to coexist with another male cat in the house and spends his time either sleeping outside or sleeping next to me while I read a book or he’s playing with his kittens. I hope you have enjoyed this read and please don’t forget to Like, share and comment!

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